ISTFA 2023

Event Name ISTFA 2023
Dates November 14, 2023 - November 15, 2023
Venue Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, AZ | Booth #517
Official site ISTFA 2023

At ISTFA 2023, Hamamatsu is proud to showcase our latest innovations for failure analysis systems. Our cutting-edge technologies are designed to elevate your capabilities in semiconductor analysis, empowering you to uncover the root causes of failures with precision and efficiency. Join us at our booth to learn how our state-of-the-art equipment and solutions are shaping the future of failure analysis. Discover how Hamamatsu can help you achieve faster, more accurate, and more insightful results. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the next generation of failure analysis systems with Hamamatsu at ISTFA 2023.

Featured products:

PHEMOS-X emission microscope C15765-01

The PHEMOS-X emission microscope C15765-01 is a completely redesigned version of the workhorse PHEMOS-1000.  This microscope provides exceptional sensitivity and resolution, allowing you to capture emissions at the finest detail. The laser scanner, optical stage, probe station and macro lens have been redesigned for the advanced semiconductor challenges of the future. Explore the future of microscopy with the PHEMOS-X emission microscope C15765-01.

The iPHEMOS-MPX inverted emission microscope C10506-07-06 is your gateway to the world of cutting-edge inverted microscopy, offering unmatched versatility, precision, and imaging capabilities. Its exceptional sensitivity and high-resolution imaging enable you to capture emission signals with unprecedented clarity. Enabling multiple laser, camera and SIL options to be configured on a single system, the iPHEMOS-MPX is the combo system of the future.  

iPHEMOS-DD inverted emission microscope C10506-05-16

The iPHEMOS DD inverted, directed docked, emission microscope C10506-05-16 is your ultimate tool for semiconductor analysis, fault localization, and debug/characterization, offering an exceptional range of options for cutting-edge technology. 

iPHEMOS-MPX inverted emission microscope C10506-07-06

The dual PHEMOS-X emission microscope C16506-01 is a revolutionary breakthrough in electrical failure analysis, featuring both a top side and bottom side microscope in a single system. This allows for wafer analysis from both the front and backside simultaneously to ensure that the fault can be located regardless of its position. Our hope is that this new capability will enable applications that were previously not possible with just a single microscope.