PHEMOS-X Emission microscope


The PHEMOS, Now Future Proofed

The PHEMOS-X is a high-resolution emission microscope that pinpoints failure locations in semiconductor devices by detecting the weak light emissions and heat emissions caused by defects.


Two ultra-high sensitivity cameras mountable

Coverage of different detection wavelength ranges for emission analysis and thermal analysis, or visible light and near-infrared light, allows easily selecting an analysis technique that matches the sample and failure mode.

Up to 5 light sources for OBIRCH, DALS and EOP are mountable

Equipped with optical stage suitable for diverse samples

Working range of optical stage


X ±20 mm
Y ±20 mm
Z +80 mm

* Working range might be narrower than these values due to the prober being used and interference with the sample stage or mounting of a NanoLens.

New 1.35× macro lens

Applicable for emission and laser analysis.

Basic display functions

Superimposed display/contrast enhancement function

The PHEMOS-X superimposes the emission image on a high-resolution pattern image to localize defect points quickly. 

The contrast enhancement function makes an image clearer and more detailed.


Display function

  • Annotations: Comments, arrows, and other indicators can be displayed on an image at any location desired.
  • Scale display: The scale width can be displayed on the image using segments.  
  • Grid display: Vertical and horizontal grid lines can be displayed on the image.
  • Thumbnail display: Images can be stored and recalled as thumbnails, and image information such as stage coordinates can be displayed.
  • Split screen display: Pattern images, emission images, superimposed images, and reference images can be displayed in a 6-window screen at once.

Example of connection to the LSI tester

As devices become more complicated, there is increased demand for analysis under an LSI tester connection to find a failure occurring at a specific point while a device is functioning. It is possible to connect an LSI tester with the PHEMOS-X by a short cable and using a probe card adapter specifically designed for the analysis under the PHEMOS-X optics.


Dimensions/Weights Main unit: 1656 mm (W)×2000 mm (H)×1247 mm (D), Approx. 1640 kg
Operation desk*1: 1000 mm (W) × 700 mm (H) × 800 mm (D) Approx. 39.2 kg / 1480 mm (W) × 700 mm (H) × 800 mm (D) Approx. 48.6 kg
Line voltage Single phase 200 V to 240 V
Power consumption Approx. 3300 VA
Vacuum 80 kPa or more
Compressed air*1 0.6 MPa to 0.7 MPa

*1: Option
*2: Include a regular

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