Cell Bio 2023

Images from scientific cameras

Event Name Cell Bio 2023
Dates December 3, 2023 - December 5, 2023
Venue Boston Convention and Expo Center, Boston, MA | Booth #215
Official site Cell Bio 2023

Stop by Hamamatsu’s booth 215 at ASCB and ask us about our family of ultra-low-noise cameras. Chat with an engineer or ask us technical questions. Tell us about your imaging needs at the threshold of detection. Share your success stories too.

Featured products:

Explore the frontier of imaging with our ORCA-Quest C15550-20UP qCMOS camera. Experience unparalleled sensitivity, speed, and versatility in your scientific imaging applications. Push the boundaries of low-light imaging, and elevate your research to new heights with the precision and performance of ORCA-Quest.


Accelerate your imaging with our ORCA-Fire C16240-20UP digital CMOS camera. Experience an ideal balance of speed, sensitivity, and versatility. Capture meaningful images in challenging conditions. Whether you're in life sciences, microscopy, or industrial applications, ORCA-Fire empowers your research with unmatched performance.

c15440-20up product photo

The ORCA-Fusion BT is the back-thinned version of the low noise fusion chip for when the extra QE makes a difference in detection. It is an excellent camera for making new discoveries.  

ORCA Fusion

The ORCA-Fusion is the first of Hamamatsu's new family of low noise cameras. It redefined the location of the edge of detection.  

ORCA Flash 4.0

The ORCA-Flash 4.0 V3 is the current version of the sCMOS camera that changed the game from CCD to sCMOS technology.  

The ORCA-Flash 4.0 LT3 is excellent for routine fluorescence imaging on a small budget. 

c11440-36u product photo

The ORCA-Spark is ideal for low magnification brightfield microscopy. The Spark’s small pixels make it an excellent match with a 10X-20X objective.