RSNA 2023

medical imaging


Hamamatsu designs, develops, and manufactures high-performance photonic devices and sensors optimized for a wide range of medical imaging applications, such as positron emission tomography (PET), computed tomography (CT), mammography, and other X-ray modalities. Come visit us at RSNA booth # 6552 and see how Hamamatsu can help take your diagnostic imaging system into the future.

Event Name RSNA 2023
Dates November 26, 2023 - November 29, 2023
Venue McCormick Place, Chicago, IL | Booth #6552
Official site RSNA 2023

Hamamatsu is excited to be a part of RSNA 2023, the world's leading radiology event! Join us at booth 6552 to explore the future of medical imaging and diagnostics capabilities based on our line of advanced detectors and image sensors. We're proud to showcase our latest innovations in photon detection and imaging technology. Our sensors are designed with medical device OEMs in mind to improve the accuracy, efficiency and early detection capabilities of equipment designed for medical diagnostic modalities including PET, CT and X-Ray. Discover how Hamamatsu's cutting-edge solutions are redefining the boundaries of radiology, CT and PET offering breakthroughs in imaging performance, sensitivity, and reliability. At RSNA 2023, Hamamatsu is your sensor technology partner. We invite you to connect with our experts, explore our state-of-the-art sensors, and witness firsthand the impact our technology can have on your diagnostic equipment designs. Come and experience the future with us!

Featured products:

For X-ray:

S1568X & S1558X series X-Ray sensors – Hamamatsu has released their Gen 2 (S1568X) and Gen 3 (S1558X) series USB type state of the art x-ray sensors. These sensors offer excellent image quality with built in advanced features. S1568X series sensors have a built in power filter that greatly improves image quality especially at low dose. The S1558X series sensors also includes built in memory for user friendly flat field correction and reliable image transfer to the PC even when the PC is in a low power state.

S15589 large format X-Ray sensor – is a Gen 3 type large sensor (size 3) intended for high resolution medical and veterinary imaging use. With 20 um pixels this sensor offers extremely high resolution in a compact (34 x 51 mm) format. It has a USB 2.0 output for user friendly interface with the PC.

C16905 high speed X-Ray sensor (under development)

Designed for high speed x-ray imaging applications such as intraoral or medical tomography. It includes a separate control/interface box and USB 2.0 output with USB-C connector.

C14400DK-51 16 x 16 cm flat panel sensor

A compact high speed flat panel suitable for all x-ray modalities including radiography, fluoroscopy and cone beam CT use. It offers a compact, low cost format making it ideal for portable C-arms or other portable instruments.

C14408DK-50 (under development)

A large format low cost flat panel intended for precision radiographic imaging. It offers 3 frames/second imaging capability enabling frame averaging without introducing motion artifacts often seen in radiographic panels. It is 30 x 25 cm making it large enough for a wide range of dental, medical and veterinary diagnostic uses.

Disclaimer: The products listed on this website are not finished medical devices and do not have clearance from the FDA or any other regulating body. These products are only offered as components in OEM X-ray imaging systems, and it is incumbent on the OEM to obtain 510K clearance for any medical diagnostic use. These products are not intended for sale to dentists or other healthcare practitioners.

For PET and scintillation imaging:

PMT assembly H13226A series

H13226A Series – are metal channel type low profile PMT assemblies with 2 x 2 anode readout.


This sensor’s state-of-the-art metal channel PMT design offers low noise, high gain, and extended dynamic range. Hamamatsu offers 4 versions with different spectral response making the H13326A series PMTs an ideal choice for demanding low-light detection applications such as gamma ray imaging, scintillation counting, particle tracking, etc. 

PMT assembly H13700

H13700 Series – are high sensitivity, ultra-fast time response, 52 x 52 mm flat panel type PMT assemblies with 16 x 16 anode readout.


With their innovating ultra-compact, super low profile metal channel dynode design they offer excellent time resolution of 0.38 nsec TTS. The H13700U series PMTs are well suited for various radiation imaging applications including gamma ray or neutron imaging, etc. Hamamatsu offers 2 versions: bialkali photocathode, with borosilicate glass or UV glass

S13361-3050A series – are 8 × 8 channel MPPC array sensors, with 50 μm ucell pixel pitch.


The S13361-3050A series MPPC (SiPM) arrays are designed for precision measurement. These arrays offer superb low afterpulse characteristics with low dark count and minimal crosstalk. These MPPC arrays are designed with advanced through-silicon vias (TSV) to minimize non-sensitive portions around the photosensitive area which reduces stray capacitance and offers extremely fast timing making this sensor ideal for use in TOF type PET designs. Furthermore the 4-side buttable structure allows assembling multiple arrays side by side to make large area detector assemblies with almost no dead space between the arrays.


S14160/S14161 series MPPCs - are low breakdown voltage type MPPCs and arrays designed for scintillation detection applications


The S14160 series offer the highest PDE (photon detection efficiency), lowest operation voltage and excellent coincidence resolving time (making them well suited for TOF PET or scintillation imaging applications. They achieve small dead space in a photosensitive area with HWB (hole wire bonding) technology (Patent pending). And the gap from the photosensitive area edge to the package edge is only 0.2 mm. This package realizes the four-side buttable arrangement.

PET module C13500-4075YC-12

PET module C13500-4075YC-12

C13500-4075YC-12 – is a 12 x 12 channel MPPC array module complete with scintillator and readout electronics with advanced signal processing ASIC.

For more information on our MPPC arrays and PMTs, please refer to our event 2023 IEEE NSS MIC RTSD.