Event Name APS DAMOP 2024
Dates June 4-6, 2024
Venue Fort Worth Convention Center, TX | Booth #40
Official site APS DAMOP 2024

Photonics is a critical enabling technology for emerging quantum systems and devices, including quantum computing, quantum communication, and quantum sensing. Hamamatsu offers a wide range of photonic solutions, from detectors and modulators to cameras, supporting both current and future quantum technologies.


On display will be our new ORCA-Quest 2 qCMOS camera, featuring increased quantum efficiency (QE) for UV wavelengths. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for trapped ions used in quantum computer applications. Please visit booth 40 to discuss your application requirements and learn more about our offerings in the quantum technology space. Our products include SPADs, SPAD arrays, MPPC (Hamamatsu’s silicon photomultiplier), and PMT modules. We also offer customizations to tailor these products to your specific project needs.

Case studies

Featured products:

ORCA Quest 2

The ORCA-Quest 2, the latest advancement in our qCMOS camera line, elevates the benchmark set by its predecessor, the ORCA-Quest. This enhanced model boasts significant improvements, including accelerated readout speeds in an ultra-low-noise scan mode, alongside a heightened sensitivity within the ultraviolet spectrum. These advancements solidify the ORCA-Quest 2's position as a leading solution for demanding imaging requirements, ensuring unparalleled performance in capturing the most subtle nuances of light. What are your low-light challenges?

LCOS SLM optical phase modulators

The LCOS-SLM is a reflective spatial light modulator that freely controls the phase of light with a liquid crystal. Controlling the phase (wavefront) with LCOS-SLM enables researchers to generate a highly efficient optical microtrap array to confine neutral atoms. 

The fiber coupled SPAD module C13001-01 has high PDE in the visible region with low dark counts to detect fluorescence from trapped ions.

H10330C series is an NIR-PMT unit using a compact NIR-PMT (near infrared photomultiplier tube) with spectral response from 950nm to 1700nm for NIR quantum applications, TE-cooled and suitable for photon counting. 

The 64-channel multianode PMT assembly H7546B series is an assembly that can detect fluorescence of multiple ions in a 64-channel matrix.

The 32-channel linear array multianode PMT module H11460 series is a low crosstalk module that can detect fluorescence of multiple ions with a 32-channel linear array. (The photon counting module H12211 is also available.)

The fiber coupled SPAD module C16534-050GD is compact and suitable for integration in quantum devices and systems. Customizations include but not limited to gain adjustments and higher overvoltage which results in higher PDE and higher dark count rate (DCR) as a tradeoff.