Automate 2024

high speed imaging

Event Name Automate 2024
Dates May 6-9, 2024
Venue McCormick Place - Chicago, IL | Booth #2189
Official site Automate

Join Hamamatsu at Automate 2024, where innovation meets industry. This year, we are excited to showcase our latest breakthroughs in imaging solutions that are set to redefine precision, efficiency, and reliability in automation.

We invite you to engage with our experts at booth #2189, and explore how our sensors and cameras enhance operational efficiencies, unlock new possibilities in speed and accuracy, and empower automation. Discover the innovations that make us the partner of choice for leading-edge companies around the globe. Together, let's shape the future of automation.

Hyperspectral imaging using InGaAs camera  


Albert Tu, Hamamatsu's product manager, introduces a hyperspectral imager with an InGaAs camera for material identification, suitable for in-line or drone-mounted use. This SWIR hyperspectral imaging technology exceeds color identification, providing simultaneous spectral and shape recognition, enhancing area differentiation based on composite attributes. SWIR hyperspectral imaging uses an InGaAs camera that can identify materials based on spectral information and shape in addition to color.

  • Hyperspectral imaging with an InGaAs camera identifies materials based on spectral information and shape in addition to color.
  • The technology enables the differentiation of materials that may appear similar to the naked eye, such as plastic pieces with two different types of materials inside.

Featured products:

InGaAs camera C16741-40U

The new InGaAs camera C16741-40U is revolutionizing infrared imaging! Perfect for research and industry, this powerhouse camera offers high sensitivity, high resolution, low noise, and a wide spectral range. Elevate your work with our advanced technology.

InGaAs area image sensor G16561-0808T

G16561-0808T InGaAs area image sensor offers unparalleled sensitivity and accuracy for near-infrared imaging, enabling advanced applications in scientific research, industrial inspection, and security monitoring with its high-resolution and low-noise performance. This sensor is designed to meet the rigorous demands of professionals seeking precise imaging in the near-infrared and shortwave infrared spectrum.

Image sensor module C16006

Elevate your imaging with our C16006 image sensor module, designed to deliver exceptional image quality using highly sensitive and seperate sensors for R/G/B and NIR, with high-resolution capabilities. Perfect for demanding environments from scientific research to industrial inspection, the C16006 ensures precision and reliability, making every detail visible and every moment count.

Featured applications:

optical encoding with LEDs

Optical encoding with LEDs

Our LEDs provide collimated light suitable for high-accuracy encoders.

optical encoding with photo ICs

Optical encoding with photo ICs

Customization of photo ICs according to the encoder specifications is available.

optical encoding with photodiodes

Optical encoding with photodiodes

Our photodetectors for optical encoding feature high sensitivity, low noise and high reliability, with a wide variety of mounting solutions -- in fact, they can also be customized.

AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle)

AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle)

Photonic technologies play an important role in the development and operation of AGVs, enabling them to navigate their environment, communicate with other systems, and transport materials safely and efficiently.