Laser-Driven Light Source (LDLS)


The EQ-77-QZ-S is a high output power LDLS that produces radiance about 3 times higher than the standard model EQ-99X LDLS. To maintain its high output power, the lamphead requires nitrogen purging and connection to a water cooling chiller.


  • Extremely broad wavelength range:170 nm to 2500 nm
  • Long lifetime:10 000 hours
  • High radiance from a small plasma

Spectral radiance



Parameter Description / Value Unit
Optical interface Diverging beam (Single beam)
Wavelength range 170 to 2500 nm
Plasma size (FWHM) Typ. 125 × 320 μm
Numerical aperture NA 0.5
Lifetime Typ. 10 000 h
Warm-up time 30 min
Laser class Class 1
Spectral radiance(at 500 nm) Typ. 75 mW/㎟·sr·nm
Broadband optical power Typ. 2.75 W
Output window size Φ22 mm
Window material Quartz
Cooling method Water cooling
Nitrogen purge Required. Grade 4.8 or higher, filtered to 5 μm. 20 psiG ±2 psiG
Applicable standards EN 61010-1
EN 61326-1
IEC 60825-1
IEC 62471
EN 50581
Device configuration Lamphead, Power supply controller, Necessary cables
Power rating Input voltage (AC) 100 to 240 V
Power frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption 350 W

① Dual-beam output mode can be selected as an option.
② Windows may need to be replaced depending on the extent of contamination and usage conditions.
③ YAG (190 nm to 2500 nm) and BK7 (350 nm to 2500 nm) windows are also selectable as options.
④ Cooling water conditions
Lamphead: ≥0.5 L/min, 18 °C to 30 °C, 100 psiG (0.69 MPa) max. inlet pressure
Controller: No cooling required
⑤ A chiller kit is available as an option.

Dimensional outlines (Unit mm)





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