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Application example: Matte finishing (delustering) | FLAT EXCIMER

This excimer lamp light source achieves uniform irradiation over a large area and stable output with little flickering by employing a flat lamp and RF (radio frequency) discharge.

Compared to the conventional corona discharge and plasma systems, it is damage-free and generates no dust.

Matte treatment (matte finishing) to give printed materials a luxurious texture

The FLAT EXCIMER is an excimer lamp light source that irradiates vacuum-UV light, for the matte finishing of printed material surfaces with high quality texture.

The printing press consists of two processes, namely the “UV printing process” and the “UV coating process”. The matte finishing proposed by HAMAMATSU is integrated into the UV coating process.

This video introduces the procedures and effects of matte treatment using the FLAT EXCIMER excimer lamp light source, as well as the features of using an excimer lamp light source. Please take a look at this.

Matte finishing procedure

Varnish is sprayed and applied on the printed material, then UV pinning is performed with the UV-LED light source. Then, the FLAT EXCIMER, an excimer lamp light source, is used to irradiate vacuum-UV light on the printed material under nitrogen purging. Finally the printed material is fully dried by the UV-LED light source.

1. Varnish spray and application

2. UV-LED light source: UV pinning

3. Excimer lamp light source: Matte finishing

4. UV-LED light source: Main drying

Matte finishing effect

When compared with the glossy texture of the one without matte finishing, the one with matte finishing features a texture that offers a more relaxed atmosphere.

With matte finishing

Without matte finishing

NOTE: Image is for illustration purposes.

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