Product warranty extension option ALiCE | LIGHTNINGCURE LC-L5G: Linear irradiation type UV-LED units

LC-L5G are high output and adopting proprietary air-cooling method.

Conventional UV-LED light sources cannot achieve high-throughput, but LC-L5G can achieve it.

This video introduces the product warranty extension option ALiCE for the LIGHTNINGCURE LC-L5G: linear irradiation type UV-LED unit. Please take a look at this.

Product warranty extension option ALiCE that takes advantage of the extended life by ThoMaS

Suppressing the temperature rise in the UV-LED light source component also contributes to the extended life of the product. ALiCE is a product warranty extension option that maximizes the utility of this characteristics.


We may extend the product warranty period based on the customer's operating conditions or environment. For example, it is possible to extend the product warranty by one year for a product that is used with an annual operating time of 2,500 hours, output intensity setting of 50 % and ambient temperature of 25 ℃.


We may not be able to extend warranty period depending on the operating condition.
Minimum order quantity to apply this option differs by the product model.
It is essential to exchange a specification sheet to apply this option.

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