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Diffuse reflection light source L16462-01

L16462-01 is a module with built-in lamps and an optical fiber for doing diffuse reflection measurement in near-infrared spectrophotometry. This module irradiates a sample with light from lamp, allowing the light to enter the sample.
This light is then diffused and reflected, and guided to an optical fiber.
The L16462-01 is connected to a near-infrared spectrometer etc. to perform spectroscopic analysis. With this product, in which plural lamps and an optical fiber are arranged close to each other, the weak diffused light emitted from the sample can be detected efficiently.



- Compact: Φ28.0 mm × 35.5 mm

- Long life: 7000 hr (average)

- High detection efficiency (built-in multipul lamps)

- Wide wavelength range: 400 to 2500 nm

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