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Application example: Hydrogen detection and monitoring | UVTRON®: Discharge / Flame sensors

UVTRON® are UV ON/OFF detectors that can quickly detect a flame’s weak UV emission from a distance, making them suitable for flame detectors and fire alarms. They have a narrow spectral sensitivity from 185 nm to 300 nm and are completely insensitive to visible light. They make it possible to design a high-sensitivity, quick-response UV detection system with simple circuitry.

Hydrogen is attracting attention around the world as a next-generation energy source for a decarbonized society with the goals of zero emissions and carbon neutrality.

Ensuring safety when producing, transporting, storing and utilizing hydrogen requires reliable monitoring and detection of hydrogen flames. However, hydrogen flames are nearly invisible and conventional methods that rely on infrared sensors and flame rods are not sensitive enough to detect the faint hydrogen flames. This problem has led to a surge in demand for high-performance sensors specifically optimized for monitoring and detecting hydrogen flames.


Petroleum, natural gas and other chemical fuels

By-products from steel mills, chemical plants, etc.

Natural energy

Biomass industry

Transportation and storage

Tanker trucks

Tanker ships


Storage tanks


Fuel cell vehicles

Hydrogen fuel stations

Hydrogen boilers

Hydrogen power generation

Hamamatsu offers UVTRON UV sensors that are highly sensitive to the weak UV light emitted from hydrogen flames and ensure speedy and accurate flame detection.

Spectral responce

Comparison with hydrogen flame spectrum (in-house measurement data)


High sensitivity and long-distance detection

Distance characteristics (Typ.)

UVTRON accurately detects weak UV light emitted from hydrogen flames. It easily detects, for example, flames from hydrogen burner about 10 m away. This long-distance detection allows greater flexibility in UVTRON installation locations.

Solar-blind spectral response

Spectral response
Comparison with solar spectrum (in-house measurement data)

UVTRON has no spectral response to UV through visible light from sunlight. This eliminates the need for having optical filters to cut out extraneous light. UVTRON is usable both indoors and outdoors.

Fast response

UVTRON quickly senses UV light and outputs a signal within a few ms so can detect a hydrogen flame as soon as it ignites. UVTRON also instantaneously detects a hydrogen flame that fizzles out, which has been nearly impossible to do until now with indirect detection and other methods utilizing thermal sensing. UVTRON in this way delivers a quick response ensuring a high level of safety management.

Demonstration video

You can see how UVTRON detects hydrogen flames that are difficult to view with the naked eye.

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