Quantum technology Quantum technology

Quantum imaging

Quantum imaging

Quantum imaging is an imaging technique that utilizes quantum characteristics of light to realize highly sensitive or special imaging methods. One of these methods known as “ghost imaging” acquires images of entanglement by detecting correlated entangled photons. Ghost imaging has captured researchers’ interest in recent years.

Quantum imaging

Recommended Products

ORCA-Quest camera

The world's first camera to incorporate the qCMOS image sensor and to be able to resolve the number of photoelectrons using a newly developed dedicated technology.

The ImagEM X2 EM-CCD camera can detect single photons with enough sensitivity to enable researchers to observe phenomenon such as quantum entanglement.

The LCOS-SLM is a reflective spatial light modulator that freely controls the phase of light with a liquid crystal. Precise wavefront control enables the generation of higher-order Laguerre-Gaussian beams.

The HPD is a photodetector that can detect photons with high sensitivity, fast response, and low jitter. HPDs maximize detection efficiency and have lower excess noise than PMTs, resulting in better signal-to-noise ratio than PMTs.

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