Leo, Alice and the unexpected X-Ray Event

  • Hamamatsu Photonics Italia S.R.L.

This year, Hamamatsu Italia celebrates 30 years since its foundation. To commemorate this milestone 30th anniversary, we are proud to announce and share our new project born from our commitment to outreach to new generations. With an accessible and friendly language, we pursued the aim to guide young students to take their first steps in the fascinating field of science.


We wanted to help familiarize them with topics such as X-Ray and radiography, and to give them an idea of the infinite possibilities it can lead to.


To give shape to our purpose, we cooperated with one of the most important research entities in Physics, INFN (Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics). Thanks to the project "INFN Kids", we gave life to an amusing and interactive comic book starring Leo and Alice, and their brilliant friend, Photon Boy.

Their smart dialogue, framed by a funny story, aims to not only introduce some easy concepts like how a photon works, but also at involving and stimulating the reader through quizzes and exercises. We hope that you will enjoy our comic book and do not hesitate to download and share the Italian and/or English version!

Please also note that we would be happy to provide hard copies of the comic book to schools and/or teachers who may prefer a printed version.


Just contact us and we will arrange the shipment to you.