Over the last fifteen years, biological imaging has changed profoundly thanks to the work of a large interdisciplinary community of physicists, chemists, biologists, instrumentalists, computer scientists, mathematicians, and physicians... This community is simultaneously at the forefront of fundamental research at the interface between photonics and living matter, and the emergence of new analytical tools tailored to biological questions. New developments in bio-imaging are constantly breaking the boundaries in terms of resolution, speed, minimal invasiveness, and adaptability to molecular studies in living organisms. The main role of the MiFoBio School is therefore to ensure knowledge transfer within the community and to train the younger generations at the interface with bioimaging in the multitude of its components, while promoting the integration of new skills, especially in the areas of analysis, data management and modelling.

Event Name MiFoBio
Schedule November 11, 2023-November 17, 2023
Venue Hyeres, France
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