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Finding a detector with the ideal combination of sensitivity, speed, size, and cost can be a challenge with any application. Hamamatsu is here to help guide you through all the possible choices to the one that's right for you.

Photo IC

Photo IC is the combination of a photodetector element with a signal processing IC in the same package. It is a smart optical sensor with diverse functions. Compared to discrete components, photo ICs are smaller and lighter, more highly resistant to noise from electromagnetic induction, and more reliable. Various package types are available to meet different mounting needs.

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The C12880MA is a fingertip-sized, ultra-compact spectrometer head that provides high-sensitivity measurements in the spectral range from 340 to 850 nm. The device is intended for use in portable instruments, and is hermetically sealed for high reliability against humidity. Applications include color measurement, water quality monitoring, food inspection, and point-of-care biometry.

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Infrared detectors

For measurements of wavelengths above 1 µm, we offer photoconductive detectors, photovoltaic detectors (photodiodes), and thermopiles. Careful selection of the available material combinations will determine your detectable wavelength range.

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MPPC Silicon photomultipliers (SiPM)

Designed for photon counting and other ultra-low-light applications, silicon photomultipliers from Hamamatsu feature high internal gain, high photon detection efficiency, and excellent timing resolution. They also have unique advantages such as low bias voltage operation, ruggedness, resistance to excess light, and immunity to magnetic fields.

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Image sensors

We manufacture a variety of high-sensitivity image sensors for applications such as high-precision spectrophotometry and industrial measurement. The wide product lineup covers a broad spectral range: x-ray, vacuum ultraviolet, ultraviolet, visible light, near-infrared, and infrared out to 2.6 µm.

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Board level cameras for OEM

Several types of compact board-level cameras are available for integration into quantitative imaging systems. These cameras are based on advanced CMOS image sensors, and provide the benefits of high sensitivity, low readout noise, and fast frame rates. Cameras can be customized to meet specific requirements.

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MEMS mirrors

Our laser scanning MEMS mirrors are an ultra-small, electromagnetically-driven mirror that provides a wide optical deflection angle, high mirror reflectivity, and low power consumption.

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Spatial light modulator (SLM) modules

These modules offer a relatively low-cost way to integrate a spatial light modulator into industrial systems. Each module features an LCOS-SLM housed inside a compact head, to which a cooling function could easily be added if necessary.

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