High-speed readout 100 kline/s max.
CMOS linear image sensor for industrial camera S13774

The S13774 is a CMOS linear image sensor developed for industrial cameras that require high-speed scanning. The column-parallel readout system, which has a readout amplifier and an A/D converter for each pixel, allows high-speed readout. For the A/D converter resolution, either 10-bit (high-speed mode: 100 klines/s max.) or 12-bit (low-speed mode: 25 klines/s max.) can be selected. Image data is output serially in 180 MHz LVDS format.



Specifications Unit
Number of total pixels 4096 pixels
Pixel size (H × V) 7 × 7 μm
Image size 28.672 mm
Spectral response range 400 ~ 1000 nm
Line rate max.
(High-speed mode)
100 kline/s