Compact, high performance
Electromagnetically driven MEMS mirror for two-dimensional laser scanning

The S13989-01H is an electromagnetically driven MEMS mirror produced by applying Hamamatsu unique MEMS*1 technology. Two-axis operation (X-axis and Y-axis operation) enables two-dimensional scanning (raster scanning)*2 using reflections of laser light or the like.

Typically, electromagnetic mirrors have a configuration in which magnets are placed around the mirror chip. However, our MEMS mirrors have powerful compact magnets placed under the mirror chip. Even though they are compact, they achieve a wide optical deflection angle (fast axis: ±20°, slow axis: ±12°).
They also feature high reliability with a hermetically sealed package, low voltage drive, and linear operation*3 that allows the optical deflection angle to be set arbitrarily.

They can be applied to various scanning mechanisms for obtaining 2D or 3D information. Some applications include shape recognition using machine vision, laser ranging, obstacle detection for automated guided vehicles and the like, and laser scanning microscopes.

*1: Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems
*2: A scanning method that composes a two-dimensional image. First, a line is obtained by one-dimensional scanning, and then the line is scanned in the perpendicular direction to compose an image.
*3: Slow axis

Explanation video

Main features

1) Compact in size yet features large optical deflection angle

2) Low voltage driven (excellent safety, suitable for mounting in various devices)

3) High reliability: hermetic seal package

4) Linear operation is possible (the optical deflection angle can be set arbitrarily)

Application examples

1) Machine vision

2) Laser ranging

3) Laser microscope


In addition to MEMS mirrors for one-dimensional scanning, mirrors for two-dimensional scanning have been added to the lineup. Select the appropriate product for your application.

Type no. S12237-03P NEW S13989-01H
Photo s12237-03p s13989-01h
Type For 1-dimensional scanning For 2-dimensional scanning
Scan mode 1-axis linear scan 2-axis raster scan
Operation mode Linear mode Fast axis: Non-linear mode (resonant mode)
Slow axis: Linear mode
Mirror size φ2.6 mm φ1.23 mm
Mirror material Aluminum Aluminum
Optical deflection angle ±15° Fast axis: ±20°
Slow axis: ±12°
Drive frequency 100 Hz max. Fast axis: 29.3 kHz typ.
Slow axis: 100 Hz max.
Recommended operating temperature -20 to +70 ℃ -20 to +60 ℃


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