New line-up of LCOS-SLM (optical phase modulator) for application to metal processing

X15213-03CL/-03CR, X15223-03CL/-03CR

  • Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.

The new LCOS-SLMs feature high power handling capability of 700 W or more, making it suitable for metal processing. The cover glass is made of sapphire glass, which has approximately 30 times higher thermal conductivity than conventional material. In addition, the LCOS-SLM head package contains a filler with high thermal conductivity and an optimized internal structure to increase heat dissipation efficiency. These improvements realized the power handling capability of 700 W or more, the highest level in the world.

By incorporating this product into a laser metal processing system and splitting the laser into multiple beams to perform simultaneous multi-point processing, it is expected to boost production efficiency vastly. In particular, it contributes to a significant reduction in time for metal 3D printing and laser processing that require long processing times, such as molding large and/or complex parts.


Metal processing

  • Aircraft equipment
  • Transport equipment
  • Metal parts with complex shapes


Phase modulation characteristics

Almost ideal phase modulation characteristics can be obtained even when irradiated with high power lasers exceeding 700 W.

Please contact us for details, as it depends on the laser irradiation conditions and water cooling conditions.

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