Brightest air-cooled UV-LED on the market with integrated N2 purge

  • Hamamatsu Photonics Europe GmbH

Hamamatsu Photonics is pleased to introduce a new family of high performing air cooled UV-LEDs for curing and printing applications. Designed to respond to these demanding applications, these UV-LEDs’ high dosage allow users to operate at higher feed speeds. This in addition to their simple integration, durability and energy efficiency, enable customers to increase throughput, reduce operational costs and minimize downtime.

The flagship product is the GH-103A UV-LED lamp, which can provide an irradiance of 24* W/cm², the brightest among air-cooled UV-LEDs available on the market. This is made possible thanks to a patented air-cooling mechanism, Thermal observation Sylphy air Material (ThoMaS). ThoMaS consists of temperature monitoring, a proprietary airflow structure (Sylphy air) and a proprietary heat sink. This cooling structure keeps the exteriors of the lamp cool and prevents the formation of hotspots, especially when two or more lamps are combined to increase irradiation width. The high irradiance of this lamp is matched by a large window size of 103 x 24 mm to deliver enough UV dose at 395 nm for the most demanding curing applications.

Even when operating at high intensities, the efficient cooling system of the GH-103A ensures an average lifetime of 20,000 hours, which is 33% greater than the closest competing products.  Hamamatsu’s Actual Lifetime Consultation and Extension allows customers to extend the warranty depending on the operating conditions of the application. Finally, for applications with stringent surface curing requirements at high speeds, a N2 purge module can be attached to the GH-103A. This N2 module is the result of a patented Hamamatsu Nitrogen Control Engineering (HaNCE) which spreads N2 uniformly below the irradiation window to effectively displace ambient O2 while keeping N2 consumption low. In summary, GH-103A is a compelling alternative to Hg-arc lamps and water-cooled UV-LED lamps in applications that need high dosage. A few examples of applications include inkjet, narrow web flexo and hybrid printing. 


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