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Business domain

Toyooka Factory

Electron Tube Division

Develops and manufactures optical sensors such as high-speed, high-sensitivity photomultiplier tubes, as well as various kinds of light sources such as lamps.

Ichino Main Factory

Solid State Division

Develops and manufactures photodiodes, photo ICs, image sensors, and other opto-semiconductor devices.

Systems Division

Systems Division

Develops and manufactures specialized systems for research and industrial use in the life science, medical, and semiconductor fields.

Laser Promotion Division

Laser Promotion Division

Develops and manufactures high-power semiconductor lasers.

Central Research Laboratory

Central Research Laboratory

Engages in a broad spectrum of research projects, including fundamental research on the nature of light, and uses technology and knowledge gained to perform industrial applied research.

Global Headquarters

Global Strategic Challenge Center (GSCC) 

The Global Strategic Challenge Center (GSCC) is a department who takes on five to ten year strategic initiatives that can achieve sustainable growth for Hamamatsu.