Electron Tube Division

Pursuing performance to its farthest boundaries

Pursuing the ultimate in performance guided by past experience in fabricating devices for academic research has led to applications in high-precision optical measurement such as in medical, environmental and measurement fields, and its use has even spread to monozukuri or namely the creating of things that support life.

Electron tube devices are key devices for measuring and capturing phenomena that were impossible to find up to now. We achieve this by applying our long-fostered basic and element technologies. Our new manufacturing technology creates innovative devices that are more compact and optimized for particular usage environments, expanding the application fields of the equipment in which those devices are mounted. Electron tube devices that have actively been used in a wide range of fields such as medical diagnosis, spectroscopic analysis, semiconductors, biology, and academic research are now being pushed to their ultimate performance limits and applied to meet customer needs in a virtuous circle to expand the market.


CTA experiment (Cherenkov Telescope Array) Gamma-ray telescope experiment

When ultra-high energy gamma rays traveling through outer space collide with the Earth's atmosphere, a natural phenomenon that produces many particles called an air shower occurs. Observing the Cherenkov light generated from this collision with a gamma ray telescope makes it possible to measure the source and energy of high-energy gamma rays. This will help find and reveal the workings of various phenomena such as those occurring in the center of active galactic nuclei, supernova explosions, and gamma ray bursts, which are unexplained phenomena in our universe. In the CTA experiment, Cherenkov light is collected by mirrors and the resulting signals are read out with a special camera that uses about 2,000 photomultiplier tubes per unit.

Photo courtesy of Mr. Akihiro Ikeshita