High resolution X-ray imaging system


The high resolution X-ray imaging system is designed for the application of X-ray imaging in synchrotron radiation facilities. Real-time X-ray phenomena can be imaged by combining an imaging unit that uses a phosphor to visualize an incident X-ray beam, and Hamamatsu’s digital camera.

With an optical design that reduces damage to the detector due to X-rays as well as a dedicated camera mounting mechanism that facilitates the replacement of cameras, an optimal system of components for various applications of synchrotron radiation imaging can be established.


  • X-ray proof design
  • Exchange of phosphors by the attachment structure
  • Focus adjustment with the controller
  • One touch design for camera attachment
  • High-durability single-crystal phosphor screen (Option)


  • Synchrotron imaging
  • X-ray beam alignment
  • X-ray CT
  • X-ray microscope
  • X-ray topography
  • XAFS


AA51 dimensional outline

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