InGaAs camera


The C16741-40U is an InGaAs camera with sensitivity in the visible to near infrared region from 400 nm to 1700 nm.

It has a USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface port which supports 12 bit image acquisition and exposure time adjustment. This makes the C16741-40U ideal for use in a wide range of applications including internal inspection of silicon wafers and devices, laser beam alignment and evaluation of solar cells.


  • High sensitivity in the visible to near infrared region
  • 1280 pixels × 1024 pixels
  • Low noise and high stability with cooling
  • Frame rate of 71.53 frames/s


  • Internal inspections of silicon wafers and devices
  • Evaluation of solar cells
  • Evaluation and analysis of optical communication devices
  • EL/PL image acquisition


Our software provides the interface to access all of our carefully engineered camera features, from simply setting exposure to orchestrating complex triggering for multidimensional experiments.


Type number C16741-40U
Imaging device InGaAs sensor
Effective no. of pixels 1280 (H) × 1024 (V)
Cell size 5 μm (H) × 5 μm (V)
Effective area 6.40 mm (H) × 5.12 mm (V)
Readout speed 71.53 frames/s
Exposure time 20.46 μs to 1 s (13.09 μs step)
Cooling method Peltier cooling
Cooling temperature +15 ˚C ±0.5 ˚C (Forced-air cooled , Ambient temperature: +25 ˚C ±3 ˚C) , +20 ˚C ±0.5 ˚C (Natural-air cooled , Ambient temperature: +25 ˚C ±3 ˚C)
External trigger mode Edge trigger, level trigger, start trigger
External trigger signal routing SMA
Trigger delay function 0 μs to 10 s (1 μs step)
Image processing functions Background subtraction, Shading correction
Interface USB3.1 Gen 1
Connector USB Type-C
A/D converter 12 bit / 8 bit
Lens mount C-mount
Power supply DC +12 V
Power consumption Approx. 15 W
Ambient operating temperature 0 ˚C to +35 ˚C
Ambient storage temperature -10 ℃ to +50 ℃
Ambient operating humidity 30 % to 80 % (with no condensation)
Ambient storage humidity 90 % max. (with no condensation)

Spectral response


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