X-ray TDI camera


X-ray TDI camera C10650-461 is useful for in-line applications requiring high-speed operation with high sensitivity. TDI imaging is appropriate for applications where it is desired to record a linear movement, or where the aspect ratio of the subject being imaged is significantly asymmetric. Low brightness under high resolution usage, a problem with conventional line sensor cameras, is improved with this X-ray TDI camera, making it suitable for applications which require high resolution.


  • High speed readout: 10.7 m/min (at binning 2×2)
  • Detection area: 293.4 mm
  • Horizontal spatial resolution: 6144 pixels
  • High S/N ratio with 16 bit output
  • Camera Link interface (Base Configuration)
  • Single power supply (+15 V) operation
  • Real time dark current/shading correction function
  • Frame readout mode for easy installation alignment


Type number C10650-461
Scintillator FOS (Fiber optic plate with scintillator)
Effective X-ray tube voltage range Approx. 25 kV to 90 kV*1
Number of pixels 6144 (H) × 128 (V)*2
X-ray sensitive area 293.4 mm (H) × 6.1 mm (V)*2
Line speed 0.178 m/min to 6.073 m/min
TDI line rate 1×1: Max. 2.109 kHz (6.073 m/min)
Binning 2×2: Max. 1.858 kHz (10.702 m/min)
A/D converter 16 bit
External control interface Camera Link Base Configuration
Output signals (Image data) 16 bit digital output
Pixel clock 16.0 MHz (Camera Link)
Power supply DC +15 V
Power consumption Approx. 30 VA
*1 Usable range of X-ray strength may vary depending on the tube current, the tube voltage and the distance.
*2 "Effective number of pixels" is all outputting pixel number including overlapped pixel. When the overlapped pixels are deleted, actual pixel numbers will vary. And also, X-ray sensitive area will vary.


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