Laser Heating System


Laser heating system that consists of an optimum light source (SPOLD® LD irradiationn light source), fiber and lens for soldering. Non-contact processing makes continuous use possible under stable conditions with no wear. Contributes to the reduction of running costs in processes such as full automation and yield improvement.

Advantages of laser soldering

  • High-speed localised heating minimises thermal effects on non-target areas
  • Stable process is easy to build and contributes to yield improvement
  • Non-contact soldering is realized.No wear and easy automation of production lines
  • Cost can be reduced by saving manpower
  • Energy saving as only local heating energy is required



Miniaturized electronic components

  • Smartphones and other highly functional electronic components

Components with large heat capacity

  • Large motor components
  • Electronic components for home appliances


  • Packaging with glass/ceramic
  • LED


Parameter Specification
L16470-111 L16470-241
Main laser light
(at maximum current setting)
Radiant power 9 W (min.) ≧30 W
Oscillation type CW
Peak emission wavelength 915 nm ± 20 nm 940 nm ± 20 nm
Red guide light
(ato maximum current setting)
Radiant power < 0.001 W
Peak emission wavelength 650 nm ± 50 nm
Dimensions (W x H x D) Approx. 280 mm × Approx. 170mm × Approx. 300 mm
Approx. 360 mm × Approx. 230mm × Approx. 360 mm (excluding protrusions) 
Weight 8 kg 17 kg
Fiber length Approx. 5 m (length excluding fiber inside of the laser light source: approx. 4.5 m)
Spot size ⌀0.2 mm、⌀0.8 mm

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