SPOLD LD Irradiation Light Source


The SPOLD is a laser irradiation light source integrating a fiber output LD module and its driver and a Peltier cooler into a compact unit. Selectable irradiation unit enables laser irradiation with specific right condensed light spot diameter and beam profile.


  • Lightweight & compact
    Integrates the LD, drive circuit, and cooling mechanism
  • Air cooling
    Easy handling with peltier (thermoelectric) cooling
  • External control available
    Various kinds of alarm output available
  • Various types of irradiation units provided
    Focus/colimating optics, uniform irradiation etc.


  • Soldering
  • Plastic welding
  • Glass sealing
  • Adhesive thermal curing
  • Infrared illumination, etc.


  Model no. L13920-411 L13920-421 L13920-511 L13920-521 L13920-611 L13920-711
LD irradiationlight source main unit Oscillation mode CW
Output end of irradiation unit
(with maximum current setting)
30 W (min.) 75 W (min.) 60 W (min.) 200 W (min.) 360 W (min.)
Peak oscillation wavelength (25 ℃) 940 nm±20 nm 808 nm±20 nm 940 nm±20 nm 808 nm±20 nm 940 nm±20 nm
Cooling method Air cooling Water cooling (distilled water circulation) 1)
(W × H × D)
Approx. 360 mm × 150 mm × 360 mm (excluding projecting parts) Approx. 480 mm × 250 mm × 560 mm (excluding projecting parts)
Weight Approx. 13 kg Approx. 12 kg Approx. 28 kg
Laser transmitting optical fiber Model no. A11612 series
Fiber length Approx. 5 m
Irradiation unit Model no. A12803 series A15558 series
Light condensing diameter φ0.8 mm φ1.6 mm φ3.2 mm to φ6.4 mm

* This product is sold as a single unit with the LD irradiation light source main unit, so each item can not be removed.

Irradiation unit

Irradiation unit A12803 series


*Various types of different magnification and size are available.
Please contact us for details.

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