VUV light source unit


The S2D2 VUV light source unit is a vacuum ultraviolet light source unit that incorporates a compact deuterium lamp with an MgF2 window. Equipped with a SUS flexible tube with a vacuum flange and a unique cooling mechanism, this light source unit allows irradiating objects or samples at a very close distance, and can be installed and operated under depressurized conditions. The compact lamp unit and SUS flexible tube offer greater flexibility in attaching the light source unit to various types of equipment.


  • Enable Proximity Irradiation
  • Easy Lamp Replacement
  • Compact
  • Long Life
  • Spectral Distribution : 115 nm to 400 nm
  • External Control


  • Electrostatic Remover*
  • VUV Spectrophotometer
  • Photoionization
  • UV Resistance Testing of Various Material
  • Excitation Light Source

* Patents: US PAT. No. 5596478, EP PAT. No. 0597103 Takasago Thermal Engineering CO, Ltd. holds above patents.


Dimensional Outline (Unit mm)

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