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  • Products manufactured by Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. (hereafter "Hamamatsu") are intended for use in general-use electronic devices (such as measurement equipment, office equipment, information communications equipment, household appliances, etc.). Unless an exception to the following is stated in the documentation of a specific product, Hamamatsu products are not to be used for special applications which demand extremely high reliability or safety (such as equipment for nuclear power control, aerospace equipment, medical equipment and transportation equipment that directly affect human life, or disaster prevention or safety equipment).
  • Hamamatsu products should not be used in excess of their absolute maximum ratings. Attention must be paid to all documented precautions.
  • Hamamatsu continually makes efforts to improve the quality and reliability of its products; however these efforts cannot ensure 100% compliance with the manufacturing specifications. Sufficient safety design (such as redundant safety, fire preventative, and malfunction preventative features) are to be implemented in the development of equipment manufactured with the Hamamatsu product so that personal injury, fire, or damage to public property or welfare does not occur in the unlikely event of a malfunction of the Hamamatsu product. A dangerous condition could be created if sufficient consideration is not given to safety design that addresses potential problems, especially in the design of equipment where the failure or malfunction of the Hamamatsu product within the equipment could result in bodily harm, life-threatening injury, or serious property damage during the use of the equipment. With such types of equipment, Hamamatsu shall not be responsible for the use of its products within the equipment in any way for not obtaining our written consent such as specification sheets beforehand.
  • Appropriate descriptions of the functions, performance, and methods of operation of the Hamamatsu product and the equipment within which the Hamamatsu product is incorporated are to be provided to end-users of the equipment. All accompanying warnings and cautionary labeling are also to be provided to the end-user.
  • Warranty of the Hamamatsu product is limited to the repair or replacement of a product in which a defect is discovered within 1 year of delivery of the product and notification is made to Hamamatsu within that period, otherwise certain warranty is specified. However, even within the warranty period Hamamatsu shall not be responsible for damages caused by either natural disaster or improper use of the product (such as modification of the product or any use that contravenes the operating conditions, intended applications, operating instructions, storage method, disposal method, or any other term or condition described in our products’ documents). For a complete description of the warranty associated with a particular product, please contact your regional Hamamatsu sales office.
  • Exportation of some Hamamatsu products must comply with individual governmental regulations pertaining to export control. Export in contravention of governmental regulations is a crime and can result in severe monetary penalties or imprisonment. While we cannot give any legal advice as to how to comply with these regulations, we can help classify the goods in order to assist the buyer in determining what regulations apply. Please contact your regional Hamamatsu sales office for further assistance.
  • In our products’ documents, applications are mentioned as notable examples of how the Hamamatsu product can be used. Such mentions guarantee neither the suitability of the product for specific purposes nor the success or failure of the commercial use of the product in specific applications. Some applications may be protected by patents or other proprietary rights. Hamamatsu assumes no liability for any infringing use of our products. All warranties express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose are hereby excluded.
  • Product specifications are subject to change without notification due to product improvements, etc. Our products’ documents have been carefully prepared to ensure the accuracy of the technical information contained herein, but in rare cases there may be errors. When using the Hamamatsu product, please be sure to request the delivery specification sheets, and confirm upon delivery that it is the most recent specifications. In addition to this document, please be sure to read any accompanying technical documentation and make note of any precautions listed in the delivery specification sheets.
  • All Rights Reserved, transfer or duplication of the contents of our products’ documents without the permission of Hamamatsu is prohibited.

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