LCOS-SLM (optical phase modulator) X15213 series

The LCOS-SLMs are reflective space light phase modulators that freely modulate light phases. Laser or other irradiation light goes through a phase modulation by the liquid crystal and reflected. The wavefront shape can be controlled freely. Wavefront control of the light can be applied to optical beam photolithography, aberration correction, and the like.

There are 11 types in X15213 series, which cover different wavelengths of light sources.All types have a glass substrate with an anti-reflection coating and a CMOS chip with a mirror.

They can be classified into aluminum mirror type and dielectric mirror type.

●Aluminum mirror type (-01/-07/-08)

The aluminum mirror type uses the reflection from the aluminum electrode on the CMOS chip and has a wide reflection band, so it can be used in a wide wavelength range.

●Dielectric multilayer mirror type (-02/-03/-05/-12/-13/-15/-16/-19)

The dielectric multilayer mirror type has a specially designed dielectric multilayer film on the surface of the CMOS chip to support laser light sources of various wavelengths. Compared to the aluminum mirror type, the higher reflectivity achieved by the dielectric mirror decreases the internal absorption rate. This makes it possible to irradiate high power lasers.

●Water-cooled type (02L/-02R/-03L/-03R/-03BL/-03BR/-12L/-12R/-15L/-15R/-16L/-16R/-19L/-19R)

The dielectric multilayer mirror type head has a built-in water-cooled heat sink to suppress temperature rise due to laser irradiation and improve light resistance.

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