MEMS mirror


Miniature, high performance, linear mode
Electromagnetically driven two-dimensional laser scanning MEMS mirror

The S13124-01 is an electromagnetically driven mirror that incorporates our unique MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) technology. The device was made smaller by arranging the magnet beneath the mirror. A two-dimensional scanning was achieved in linear mode. Electrical current flowing in the coil surrounding the mirror produces a Lorentz force based on Fleming’s rule that drives the mirror. Hamamatsu MEMS mirrors offer a wide optical deflection angle and high mirror reflectivity.

- Two-dimensional scanning in linear mode
 Capable of vector scanning and step operation
- Compact
- Low voltage drive: suitable for installation on equipment
- With window material: Prevents foreign matter contamination
- Evaluation circuit available: C15087 (sold separately)

Type 2-axis linear scan
Operation mode First axis: Linear mode
Second axis: Linear mode
Mirror size φ1.95 mm
Mirror material Aluminium
Optical deflection angle First axis: ±10°
Second axis: ±10 °
Drive frequency (max.) First axis: 90 Hz
Second axis: 90 Hz

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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