Custom opto-semiconductor devices

Hamamatsu provides custom opto-semiconductor devices that meet your needs.

Hamamatsu accept custom orders for photosensors and light emitters.
From specification review to delivery, we stay in close communication with you, and provide the most suitable devices to meet your needs. 


Flow from custom order to delivery


1. Specifications review

From specification changes of standard products to new devices, we will inquire your desired specifications.

2. Design

Hamamatsu's design team makes plans and does design based on requested specifications.

3. Simulation

We perform simulations from various aspects with our in-house simulation technology.

4. Prototyping and evaluation

You then evaluates the prototype. Optimization is done based on these evaluation results.

5. Determination of specifications

We work with you to confirm and deternine specifications.

6. Mass production

Wafer process and package assembly. We can deliver packages in your requested packaging form.

7. Next-generation product development

When we receive futer requests for custom products in the future, we will use our accumulated technology and know-how to propose even better products.

Hamamatsu opto-semiconductor manufacturing technologies, the basis for customization

Our opto-semiconductor devices have been used for many years in a wide range of fields, including scientific measurement, medical, automotive, industrial, and customer  products. We have a rich product lineup supporting various wavelength, and we can do integrated production for each step, from design, semiconductor process, assembly, and inspection.

Custom modules also available

We can manufacture individual devices, as well as custom modules applying them. Hamamatsu combines opto-semiconductor technology, optical technology, circuit technology, mounting technology, and software technology to provide them in an easy-to-use module format.

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