LiDAR sensors

Sensors for LiDAR applications.

Silicon photomultipliers with enhanced sensitivity at 905 nm (the wavelength commonly used for TOF LiDAR) and high internal gain to keep output signal above the noise floor of the system's electronics.

Silicon APDs with high visible and NIR sensitivity, internal amplification, wide dynamic range, and wide bandwidth. Our standard products are automotive-grade.

Our silicon PIN photodiodes are cost-effective, high-speed detectors with high sensitivity in the visible and NIR regions. Standard products are automotive-grade.

Devices that integrate a photosensor, such as a photodiode or avalanche photodiode (APD), and front-end integrated circuit (IC) that reads the signals from the photosensor. Suitable for rangefinders.

InGaAs APDs provide high near-infrared sensitivity for low light detection at high speeds.

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