CCD area image sensor


Enhanced near-infrared sensitivity by using fully-depleted CCD technology

The S10747-0909 is a back-illμminated CCD area image sensor that has significantly improved near-infrared sensitivity and soft X-ray detection efficiency. This has been achieved by using a thick silicon substrate that allows the depletion layer to be thickened by applying a bias voltage.

- Quantμm efficiency: 70% (λ=1000 nm, Ta=25 ℃)
- Pixel size: 24 × 24 μm
- 512 × 512 pixels
- Low readout noise


The chip of this product is not sealed and is exposed. Parts such as electrodes on the chip are not protected by an enclosure or window and so require especially strict care during handling compared to ordinary products.
Before using this product, always read “Precautions / Unsealed products” described below.


Type Binning type
Fully-depleted back-illuminated CCD
Image size 12.288 x 12.288 mm
Number of effective pixels 512 x 512 pixels
Pixel size 24 x 24 μm
Spectral response range 300 to 1100 nm
Frame rate 5 max. frames/s
Dark current (typ.) 1 e-/pixel/s
Readout noise (typ.) 30 e- rms
Cooling Non-cooled
Window material None
Package Ceramic
Measurement condition Typ. Ta=-70 ℃, unless otherwise noted

Spectral response

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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