Photodiode array with amplifier


Photodiode arrays combined with signal processing IC for X-ray detection

The S13885 series are photodiode arrays with amplifirs having a phosphor sheet attached to the photosensitive area for X-ray detection. Improvement in the signal processing IC chip has achieved higher sensitivity compared to the previous products (S11865 series). The signal processing IC chip is formed by CMOS process and incorporates a timing generator, shift register, charge amplifir array, clamp circuit and hold circuit, making the external circuit confguration simple. A long and narrow image sensor can be confgured by arranging multiple arrays in a row.

-Data rate: 1 MHz max.
-Element pitch: 0.2 mm pitch × 256 ch
-3.3 V power supply operation
-Simultaneous integration by using a charge amplifier array
-Low dark current due to zero-bias photodiode operation
-Integrated clamp circuit allows low noise and wide dynamic range
-Integrated timing generator allows operation at two different pulse timings
-Detectable energy range: 30 k to 100 keV

Image size 51.2 x 0.3 mm
Number of effective pixels 256 pixels
Pixel size 0.1 x 0.3 mm
Pixel pitch 0.2 mm
Supply voltage 3.3 V
Scintillator Phosphor sheet
Peak sensitivity wavelength 720 nm
Line rate max. 3844 lines/s
Charge amp feedback capacitance 0.125 pF
Note for X-ray, High sensitivity type
Measurement condition Typ. Ta=25 ℃, unless otherwise noted, peak sensitivity wavelength: without phosphor sheet

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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