Color sensor


12-bit digital output, COB type

The S11012-01CR is a digital color sensor sensitive to red (λ=615 nm), green (λ=540 nm)、blue(λ=465 nm) regions of the spectrum. Detected signals are serially output as 12-bit digital data. Built-in three 12-bit registers allow simultaneous measurement of RGB three colors. Sensitivity level is adjustable in two steps to cover a wide photometric range.

-12-bit digital output
-COB type
-Simultaneous measurement of RGB three colors
-2-step sensitivity switching (sensitivity ratio of 1:9)
-Low voltage (3.3V) operation
-CMOS monolithic photo IC
-No external components required

Product type RGB digital color sensor
Package material Plastic
Package type COB type
Package size 3.43 × 3.8 × 1.6 mm
Photosensitive area 1.2 × 1.2 mm
Spectral response range (Blue) 400 to 540, 800 to 1000 nm
Spectral response range (Green) 480 to 600, 760 to 1000 nm
Spectral response range (Red) 590 to 1000 nm
Photosensitivity Low range (Blue) 0.3 LSB/lx
Photosensitivity Low range (Green) 0.6 LSB/lx
Photosensitivity Low range (Red) 1.4 LSB/lx
Photosensitivity High range (Blue) 2.6 LSB/lx
Photosensitivity High range (Green) 5.3 LSB/lx
Photosensitivity High range (Red) 12.9 LSB/lx
Operating temperature -20 to +80 deg.C
Storage temperature -20 to +85 deg.C
Note This sensor also has sensitivity in the infraredregion, so cut off infrared light as needed.
Measurement condition Typ. Ta=25 deg.C, Vdd=5 V, Tg=100 ms, A light source, unless otherwise noted

Spectral response

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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