Color sensor


I2Ccompatible color sensor

The S13683-02WT is a color sensor that supports the inter-integrated circuit (I2C) interface. It is sensitive to red (λp=615 nm), green (λp=530 nm), blue (λp=460 nm) light, and outputs detected results as 16-bit digital data for each color. The sensor automatically switches the photodiode of each color in order to perform measurements. The sensitivity and integration time are adjustable so that light measurements can be performed over a wide range.

-I2C interface-compatible
-Sequential measurements of red, green, blue, and correction channel
-Correction channel
 The channels detect incident light entering from outside the filter.
 The product subtracts the correction channel output to obtain high accuracy RGB data.
-2-step sensitivity switching (sensitivity ratio 1 : 10)
-Adjustable sensitivity (1 to 65535 times) by setting the integration time
-Low voltage (2.5 V or 3.3 V) operation
-Low current consumption: 75 μA typ.
-With infrared cutoff filter
-Wide dynamic range (low gain: 1 to 10 klx)

Product type RGB digital color sensor
Package material Plastic
Package type WL-CSP
Package size 1.75 × 1.25 × 0.45 mm
Photosensitive area 1.22 × 0.56 mm
Spectral response range (Blue) 400 to 540 nm
Spectral response range (Green) 455 to 630 nm
Spectral response range (Red) 575 to 660 nm
Peak sensitivity wavelength (Blue) 460 nm
Peak sensitivity wavelength (Green) 530 nm
Peak sensitivity wavelength (Red) 615 nm
Photosensitivity Low range (Blue) 3.35 counts/lx
Photosensitivity Low range (Green) 7.61 counts/lx
Photosensitivity Low range (Red) 9.48 counts/lx
Photosensitivity Low range (Correction ch) 1.66 counts/lx
Photosensitivity High range (Blue) 31.7 counts/lx
Photosensitivity High range (Green) 76.2 counts/lx
Photosensitivity High range (Red) 94.5 counts/lx
Photosensitivity High range (Correction ch) 15.3 counts/lx
Operating temperature -40 to +85 deg.C
Storage temperature -40 to +100 deg.C
Note This sensor also has sensitivity in the infrared region (785 to 885 nm).
Measurement condition Typ. Ta=25 deg.C, Vdd=Vbus=3.3 V, A light source, unless otherwise noted

Spectral response

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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