Si PIN photodiode


Si detectors for high-energy particles


The S14537 series are large-area photodiodes specifically designed for the direct detection of high-energy charged particles and X-rays. These detectors are mounted on a PC board with an opening for the purpose of ΔE/E detection of charged particles and X-rays.

-Large area
-Low dark current
-High voltage tolerance



Photosensitive area 28 × 28 mm
Chip thickness 150 ± 15 μm
Dead layer thickness (Front side) 1.5 μm
Dead layer thickness (Rear side) 20 μm
Full depletion voltage max. 120 V
Dark current max. 100 nA
Cuttoff frequency 4.5 MHz
Terminal capacitance 600 pF

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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