Hybrid photo detector


The HPD series are high-speed responce photodetectors with a built-in photocathode and AD(Avalanche diode). 

The R10467U-07 is multialkali photocathode HPD with spectral response range from 220 nm to 870 nm.


 Parameter R10467U-07 Unit
Spectral response 220 to 870 nm
Photocathode Multialkali
Window material Synthetic silica
Window type Plano-concave
Effective area φ6 mm
Rating Photocathode voltage Max. -8500 V
Avalanche diode (AD) reverse bias voltage Max. Vb -10 V
Average photocathode current Max. 200 pA
Quantum efficiency (at 400 nm) Typ. 16 %
AD leakage current Typ. 150 pA
Gain Typ. 1.2 x 105
Time response Rise time Typ. 400 ps
Fall time Typ. 400 ps
Width Typ. 600 ps
T.T.S (Transit Time Spread) (FWHM) 30 ps
Operating ambient temperature +15 to +35
Storage temperature 0 to +40

Dimensional outlines (Unit mm)

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