Photon counting head


The H10682 series is a photon counting head device consisting of a metal package photomultiplier tube, along with a high-speed photon counting circuit and a high-voltage power supply circuit. The high voltage supply for photomultiplier tube and the discrimination level are preset to optimum values, allowing photon counting measurement by just connecting a +5 V supply.
The H10682 series has also over light detection function to output a signal at the state that an output count falls by excessive incident light. By this signal, measurement data can be judged that it is normal or not.


Photocathode Area Shape Round
Photocathode Area Size Dia.8 mm
Wavelength (Short) 185 nm
Wavelength (Long) 870 nm
Wavelength (Peak) 400 nm
Dimension (W x H x D) 22.0 mm x 36.0 mm x 40.0 mm
Input Voltage +4.75 V to +5.25 V
Max. Input Voltage 6 V
Max. Input Current 40 mA
Count Senstitivity at 200 nm Typ. 4.3 x 104 s-1・pW-1
Count Senstitivity at 300 nm Typ. 2.7 x 105 s-1・pW-1
Count Senstitivity at 400 nm Typ. 3.6 x 105 s-1・pW-1
Count Senstitivity at 500 nm Typ. 2.8 x 105 s-1・pW-1
Count Senstitivity at 600 nm Typ. 2.0 x 105 s-1・pW-1
Count Senstitivity at 700 nm Typ. 1.2 x 105 s-1・pW-1
Count Senstitivity at 800 nm Typ. 3.0 x 104 s-1・pW-1
Count Linearity 5.0 x 106 s-1
Dark Count Typ. 600 s-1
Dark Count Max. 1000 s-1
Pulse-pair Resolution 20 ns
Output Pulse Width 10 ns
Output Pulse Height Min. 2 V
Output Pulse Height Typ. 2.2 V
Recommended Load Resistance 50 Ω
Signal Output Logic Positive logic
Operating Ambient Temperature +5 ℃ to +40 ℃
Storage Temperature -20 ℃ to +50 ℃
Weight 47 g

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