Photomultiplier tube module


PMT module containing a metal package photomultiplier tube, high-voltage power supply circuit, current-to-voltage conversion amplifier and analog-to-digital converter. Measurement by just connecting a USB connector.


Photocathode Area Shape Round
Photocathode Area Size  Dia.8 mm
Wavelength (Short) 230 nm
Wavelength (Long) 700 nm
Wavelength (Peak) 400 nm
Dimension (W x H x D) 32 mm x 48 mm x 40 mm
Input Voltage +4.75 V to +5.25 V
Max. Input Voltage +5.5 V
Max. Input Current 130 mA
Max. Output Signal Voltage +4 V
Max. Supply Voltage to PMT -1100 V
Recommended Supply Voltage to PMT Adjustment Range -500 V to -1100 V
[Cathode] Luminous Sensitivity Min.  80 μA/lm
[Cathode] Luminous Sensitivity Typ. 105 μA/lm
[Cathode] Blue Sensitivity Index Typ. 13.5
[Cathode] Radiant Sensitivity Typ. 110 mA/W
[Anode] Luminous Sensitivity Min. 8.0 x 107 V/lm
[Anode] Luminous Sensitivity Typ. 2.1 x 108 V/lm
[Anode] Radiant Sensitivity Typ. 220 V/nW
[Anode] Vout Depending on PMT Dark Current Typ. 1 mV
[Anode] Vout Depending on PMT Dark Current Max. 10 mV
Frequency Bandwidth DC to 20 kHz
Current-to-voltage Conversion Factor 1 V/μA
Settling Time Max. 10 s
[A/D Converter] Sampling Frequency 200 kHz
[A/D Converter] Resolution 16 bit
[A/D Converter] Reference Voltage 4 V
[USB2.0 (Virtual COM Port)] Baud Rate 12 Mbps
[USB2.0 (Virtual COM Port)] Data Bits 8 bit
[USB2.0 (Virtual COM Port)] Stop Bits 1 bit
[USB2.0 (Virtual COM Port)] Parity none
[USB2.0 (Virtual COM Port)] Flow Control none
Support OS Windows®10 Pro
Operating Ambient Temperature +5 ℃ to +50 ℃
Storage Temperature -20 ℃ to +50 ℃
Weight 61 g

Dimensional outlines (Unit: mm)

Dimensional outline

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