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UVTRON®: Discharge / Flame sensors

UVTRON® are UV ON/OFF detectors that can quickly detect a flame’s weak UV emission from a distance, making them suitable for flame detectors and fire alarms. They have a narrow spectral sensitivity from 185 nm to 300 nm and are completely insensitive to visible light. They make it possible to design a high-sensitivity, quick-response UV detection system with simple circuitry.

What is UVTRON®?


UVTRON is a high-sensitivity UV sensor that is sensitive only to UV light. UVTRON is adaptable to a broad range of applications including flame detection, discharge detection, and combustion monitoring. The scope of applications is expanding even further thanks to its superior product performance and high reliability.

Broad range of applications


Here are just a few examples of UVTRON at work in a vast range of locations and applications including fire alarms in large complex facilities and warehouses, boiler flame monitoring, hydrogen flame detection (hydrogen is attracting plenty of attention as a new energy source), and other tasks in general industry.

Demonstration videos


These videos demonstrate how UVTRON detects flames, senses discharges and monitors combustion.


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