Quantaurus-QY Absolute PL quantum yield spectrometer


The Quantaurus-QY is a compact, easy-to-use instrument for measuring the quantum yield of photoluminescent materials. It performs absolute measurements and does not require known reference standards, as typically required when using the traditional relative method. Samples in different forms -thin films, solids, powders, and solutions- can be analyzed. Liquid samples can be cooled down to -196 deg.C (77K) with liquid nitrogen.

C11347-12: NIR type (wavelength 400 nm to 1100 nm).


Type number C11347-12
PL measurement wavelength range 400 nm to 1100 nm
Monochromatic light source:Light source 150 W xenon light source
   :Excitation wavelength 375 nm to 850 nm
   :Bandwidth 10 nm or less (FWHM)
   :Excitation wavelength control Automatic control
Multichannel spectroscope:Measurement wavelength range 350 nm to 1100 nm
   :Wavelength resolution < 2.5 nm
   :Number of photosensitive device channels 1024 ch
   :Device cooling temperature -15 ˚C
   :AD resolution 16 bit
   :Spectroscope optical arrangement Czerny-Turner type
Integrating sphere:Material Spectralon
   :Size 3.3 inch
Software:Measurement items PL quantum yield
Excitation wavelength dependence of quantum yield
PL spectrum (peak wavelength, FWHM)
PL excitation spectrum
Color measurement (chromaticity, color temperature, color rendering index, etc.)


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