Measurement examples | FTIR engine

FTIR engine

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer FTIR engine

Features, configuration, and operating principles of the FTIR engine are introduced.

Diffuse reflection measurement of powder samples

Diffuse reflection measurements of sucrose and fructose samples by the FTIR engine are demonstrated.

Diffuse reflection measurement of cloth sample

Diffuse reflection measurements of cloth with and without moisture by the FTIR engine are demonstrated.

Stability under vibration

High stability of the FTIR engine under vibration is demonstrated.

NIR spectrometers (FTIR engine, MEMS-FPI spectroscopic module, Mini-spectrometer)

The unseen side of pharmaceutics: NIR spectrometers

Spectrometers for near-infrared measurement uncover a world unseen to the human eye. In this video, we’ll go over why the information revealed in this spectral range is important to the pharmaceutical industry, how these measurements are made possible through different spectrometer designs, and where else NIR spectrometers can make vital contributions.

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