High dynamic range streak camera


Dynamic range of 10 000 : 1 of ultra fast phenomena under single-shot operation!

The C13410 is a high dynamic range streak camera that can handle a large number of photo-electrons. This feature enables single-shot measurements of ultra fast phenomena with a dynamic range as high as 10 000 : 1.
This system is suitable for high-precision simultaneous measurement of high-intensity and weak intensity pulse light.

The C13410-02A is visible to NIR (300 nm to 1060 nm) range model. (sweep range / full screen: 0.5 ns to 1 ms)

Type number C13410-02A
Spectral response 300 nm to 1060 nm
Temporal resolution Better than 5 ps (at the fastest sweep range)
Sweep repetition frequency 1 kHz at OPEN FIXED mode
100 Hz at NORMAL mode
Sweep time 0.5 ns to 1 ms
Effective photocathode length 7.0mm × 17.48 mm
Power supply AC 100 V to AC 240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Power consumption Approx. 100 VA


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