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Test measurement | Terahertz spectrometer


Test measurement

In our demo room we conduct test measurements using our terahertz wave spectrometer. We can make measurements under many different types of conditions and will make the best possible proposal according to the customer's measurement target and application. For more information, please contact us using the inquiry form.


Measurement examples

  Target samples
Identification of crystal polymorphs Calcium carbonate, carbamazepine, sulfathiazole
Identification of crystalline form/shape Histidine, amino acid racemic, amino acid stereoisomer
Evaluation of crystalline/amorphous state Nifedipine powder
Evaluation of crystallinity in water Nifedipine suspension
Quantitative evaluation of crystals Calcium carbonate, nifedipine suspension
Identification of sugar powder and amino acid powder 1 sugar, 2 sugar, sugar hydrate, sugar alcohol, rare sugar, sugar chain, food additive
Evaluation of crystal precipitation Histidine *1, acetaminophen *1
Cocrystal Phenazine and mesaconic acid
Solution-mediated transition Nifedipine
Pseudo-transition (hydration) Glucose, theophylline *1
Quantitative evaluation of solute Sulfuric acid, salt, sugar
Fermentation monitoring Fermentation process from milk to yogurt *1
Water/moisture content Ethanol, celite powder *2
Dielectric relaxation Water

*1 Real-time monitoring
*2 Calibration curves required

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