Plasma process monitor Plasma process monitor

Features | Plasma process monitor

Simultaneous measurements of wide (plasma) spectrum

Captures wide spectrum (emission) from (plasma) radicals or ions. (200 nm to 950 nm)

Real-time plasma (emission) measurement

Continuously measures up to 15 000 spectra at an interval of 20 msec (50 msec with concurrent running of detection software)

Highly accurate and reliable measurements

A high resolution spectrometer and a ultra-high sensitive photo detector are firmly locked in position to assure the acquisition of accurate spectrum and precise spectrum responsivity data through sharply focused plasma emission spectrum images.

High-sensitivity detection in UV spectrum region

Detects the UV spectrum region from 200 nm with high sensitivity.

Easy measurement using optical fibers

The equipped optical fiber can be easily attached to plasma chambers through a SMA connector widely used.

Operation with multiple chambers

A single analysis unit can control up to four C10346-01 Multiband plasma-process monitor via a USB 2.0 interface.

Data acquisition software

The data acquisition software stores the spectrum data into the database during plasma process. This stored data can then be used for spectrum data calculations.

Optional software

High sensitive endpoint detection and real-time monitoring of process abnormality are achieved by creating ''detection model''.

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