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20W xenon flash lamp module



The L12745 series is a 20 W xenon flash lamp module integrated with a regulated drive power supply and a lamp trigger socket. The light-emitting point of the lamp is preadjusted and that means there is no need of optical axis adjustment after wiring and lamp installation. Therefore the L12745 series can be used by just installing it into equipment. This unit includes proven high performance lamp and delivers high stability, high repetition rate and long life.
This unit can be used in wide range applications such as analysis which needs high repetition rate and light sources for imaging /photo excitation which needs high output.

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Compact: 148 mm × 97 mm × 52 mm
High stability: 0.5 % CV (Typ.)
High output: 500 mJ input (Max.)
High repetition rate: 1000 Hz (Max.)


Blood analysis (MTP reader, etc.)
Fluorescence analysis
Semiconductor inspection
Light sources for imaging
Environmental analysis



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