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Deuterium lamp for photoionization



The L13301 and L7293 are photoionization light sources that emit light with energy up to 10.78 eV. Photoionization is so-called “soft ionization” that offers advantages over other ionization methods. However, conventional photoionization using lasers or PID lamps has problems such as that the lasers are expensive and difficult to handle, or the light output from the PID lamps is low. Using the L13301 and L7293 deuterium lamps that emit high-energy ultraviolet UV light allows easily building a photoionization system that is safe and low cost. The L13301 and L7293 deuterium lamps also feature a compact size and long lifetime.

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Spectral distribution (MgF2 window)

Applications and Features

Application image


Dimensional outlines (Unit mm)


Lamp installation example

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