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Flame sensor (UV TRON)



The R9533 is a head-on type (UV light enters from the bulb top) that easily installs in most equipment and has high sensitivity and a wide field of view.

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Spectral Response (Short) 185 nm
Spectral Response (Long) 260 nm
Electrode Material Ni
Weight 2.5 g
[Maximum Rating] Supply Voltage (DC) 400 V
[Maximum Rating] Average Discharge Current 1 mA
[Maximum Rating] Peak Current 30 mA
[Maximum Rating] Operation Ambient Temperature -40 to +125 ℃
Discharge Starting Voltage (DC) 280 V
Discharge Sustaining Voltage (DC) 230 V
Sensitivitiy Typ. 10000 min-1
Background Max. 10 min-1
Estimated Life 25000 h
[Recommended Operating Parameters] Supply Voltage (DC) 350±25 V
[Recommended Operating Parameters] Average Discharge Current 0.3 mA
[Recommended Operating Parameters] Quenching Time Min. 1 ms
Suitable Socket (Sold Separately) E678-8F

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