Photon Flux to Radiant Flux Calculator

Converting Photon Energy from Wavelength

The energy of the photon \(E\) can be be calculated using the equation \( E = {hc \over \lambda} \). In this equation Planck's constant \(h\) and the speed of light in vacuum \(c\) are known values, so only the wavelength \(\lambda\) is needed to calculate the energy.

Converting Photon Flux \(photon \over {second} \) to Radiant Flux \(W\):

The Radiant Flux \(\Phi_e\) is equal to the energy of the photon \(E\) times the photon rate \(1\over second\) $$\Phi_e = E \times {photon \over second} $$ This equation gives the Radiant Flux in units of \(Joule \over second \) which is equivalent to \(Watt\).


Photon Energy
\( J \)
Photon Rate
\(1 \over s \)
Radiant Flux

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